$31 Million New Years Eve Lotto Mega Draw

$31 Million Dollar New Years Eve Lotto Mega Draw

by Aussie Punter on December 19, 2011

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This New Years Eve, Saturday the 31st of December, 2011 could be a massive turning point in your life. Buy a lotto ticket in the 31 MILLION DOLLAR lotto mega draw and start the New Year in 2012 with a bang, and a well padded wallet or purse!

Imagine what you could do with $31,000,000, forget about the mortgage or car payments, that’s well and truly covered. Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Own a brand new sports car or luxury yacht? Buy a franchise, build a holiday house, invest in overseas property or the stock market? Your options are limited only by your imagination!

Give those new year resolutions of yours a kick start, I’m pretty sure with thirty one million bucks you could achieve any resolution you wanted, and if that resolution involved getting rich, well you’d already have that one achieved by New Years Day!

Remember, you’ve gotta be in it to win it. Buy your 31 million dollar megadraw ticket over the internet and you won’t have to worry about losing your ticket, or checking the numbers yourself. Online purchases are safe and secure, all transactions are protected with industry standard 128bit SSL encryption technology, the same secure connections that online banking websites use.

Special Offer When You Buy Your Lotto Ticket Online!

Oz Lotteries Lotto Megadraw Special OfferOzLotteries Has a Megadraw Special Offer for the AU$31 Million Lotto Mega Draw on December 31st, 2011 which gives you much better odds of winning first division in the lotto megadraw, as well as a realistic chance of at least winning your money back.

You are guaranteed a 1:18,100 chance of winning Division 1 in the $31 Million Dollar lottery held on New Years Eve.

Read the finer details of this special promotion below:

  • There are 8,145,060 possible combinations of 6 numbers from 45 – which is what you need to match to win Division 1.
  • We have broken these games down into 18,100 unique groups of 450 games, plus 1 group of 60 games.
  • One of these unique sets of 450 games has been reserved for you.
  • You can choose to purchase your set of games at any time up to 7:00pm* on Saturday, 31 December (AET).
  • If you decide to purchase these games the set will be entered into the Megadraw after your payment has been received.
  • If you do not purchase these entries by the cut off time then the games will not be processed (and you won’t be entitled to any of the prizes that these games may have won).
  • If you accept the first set of games you will have the opportunity to purchase additional sets if you wish (subject to availability).

On top of that, they’re also giving you a 5% discount on the purchase price of the ticket, which equates to just under $20 off what it would normally cost.

NYE Lotto Megadraw

Good Luck, and if you win, I’m sure you’ll have a very Happy New Year!

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