New Ladbrokes Australia ATM & EFTPOS Card

Ladbrokes Australia ATM Card

by Aussie Punter on April 14, 2014

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The new Ladbrokes ATM Card lets all Australians Get INSTANT ACCESS to your funds after winning a bet. This EFTPOS card is linked directly with your Ladbrokes Australia betting account in a world first promotion. Ladbrokes has proven why they are one of the highest rated online bookmakers in our beautiful country.

As well as all the other great feature of, all card holders now have instant access to the money that they’ve won via any ATM, cash machine or EFTPOS device in Australia.

The all new Ladbrokes Eftpos card is the fastest and easiest way to access your winnings. The card can be used to get instant cash from any ATM, or even used to purchase everyday items just like any other Eftpos card. The difference is it is the only card directly linked to your personal betting account!

Any Ladbrokes member can apply. A simple verification process is all that’s necessary to ensure you have access to instant cash with the all new Ladbrokes Card.

One of the main reasons some people still prefer to bet with the older TAB or Tatts institutions was because you get access to your winnings in the form of cash once the results of the sporting event has been declared official, or correct weight has been given in the case with horse racing. Now, using Ladbrokes you can get your cash even quicker than the TAB, plus you get better odds and you don’t have to wait for correct weight any more.

Ladbrokes also offers Protest Payout, if there’s a protest upheld for first place, Ladbrokes pays on both the interim winner and the official winner. That’s one of the main reasons why you don’t have to wait for your cash, as soon as your horse crosses the finish line, you will be able to withdraw your winning funds with your Ladbrokes ATM card.

Verified customers can withdraw up to $1000 cash per day from ATMs and spend up to $2500 a day at any EFTPOS terminal. There are no additional charges for using an ATM, just the ATM owners fee. There are some limits and fees associated with the card which you can see in the product disclosure statement available on the website.

A few other features of Ladbrokes include a $250 free bet for new members, daily free bet challenges where you simply pick a place in each race at a specified venue, if you can do that you get a free bet! Pick Your Own Odds, exclusive to, Simply select the odds you want and Ladbrokes Australia will return a winning margin for your selection. If your horse wins by more than that margin, Ladbrokes pays you the odds you chose!

What are you waiting for? Join Ladbrokes today, verify your identity and get your ATM Card for instant access to your winnings!

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