$31 Million New Years Eve Lotto Mega Draw

Buy 2016 New Years Eve Lotto Mega Draw Tickets

by Aussie Punter on December 30, 2016

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Saturday the 31st of December, 2016 is another perfect time for a multi million dollar lotto draw, $31,000,000 to be exact! Wouldn’t you love to win such a life changing amount of money? Don’t fool yourself, we all would!

Want to win $31,000,000 on New Years Eve?

I don’t normally buy lottery tickets as a general rule, I once read a long time ago that buying lotto tickets was only for those people who were bad at maths. While I generally agree with that, there is another popular saying – “you’ve gotta be in it, to win it” – and for a chance at $31,000,000, I want to be in with a chance to win!

You don’t have much time before the new year begins and the lucky numbers are drawn, imagine if your lucky numbers get selected and you didn’t purchase a ticket? You’d be kicking yourself.

How do I buy a lotto ticket online?

It’s quick, easy and secure buying from Oz Lotteries, a fully accredited Australian company and registered online retailer of Australian lotto games including Wednesday & Saturday Lotto, OzLotto, Powerball & others. This New Years Eve is the $31,000,000 Saturday Mega Draw – be quick, you don’t want to miss it!

2016 $31,000,000 NYE Lotto Draw

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