UFC 196 Post Fight Review, Analysis & Results

UFC 196 Post Fight Review, Results and Analysis

by Aussie Punter on March 6, 2016

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UFC 196 had without a doubt one of the biggest Ultimate Fighting Championship fight cards in recent memory and the quality of almost all of the fights was really impressive, just what we want to see. This was a great result of UFC bt more importantly, a great result for punters who didn’t back the favourites of the headline fights.

We had two enormous upsets on the fight card for UFC 196, both headline fights were Conor McGregor Vs. Nate Diaz & Holly Holm Vs. Meisha Tate. Both of these big fights ended with big upsets, much to the surprise of every punter I know. I’m sure not too many online bookmakers will be complaining with the results though, so long as some of you punters out there made some good bets on the weekend and increased your bankroll or ended up with a bigger bookie balance than before the weekend started, I’m one happy punter.

initially what I thought was strange was that both Both Conor McGregor and Holly Holm lost to their opponents by submission, Conor in the 2nd round and Holly in the 5th. However, I should have knows that Conor’s ground game is poor in comparison to Diaz’ and Holly prefers to fight on her feet. I should have seen this a mile away but I got too caught up in the hype of The Irishman’s custom made suits and his laughs. Both champions were undeniably beaten by their opponents on the night, however McGregor did manage to inflict a fair bit of damage to Diaz’s face before he took a nasty combo and ended up on the ground.

Not many people would have expected the 27 year old from Dublin, Ireland to lose this fight, but as with life, you can’t win everything forever.

At some stage there comes a time when even the best cannot win. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are finished for good, Conor “The Notorious” McGregor is taking his loss well. He has been as humble as can be expected after losing such a massive fight, one that many thought he’d win inside the first couple of rounds. The pressure may have had something to do with his loss, not taking anything away from Diaz who fought a good fight, but it seemed to me that Conor just couldn’t get his game plan working at all during the fight. Again, this could have been Nate’s doing as well.

You may not expect a champion such as McGregor with such a big mouth and huge personality to be humble about anything, let alone losing one of the biggest fights of his career, and I’d never seen him lose before so I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully for the UFC, he took the loss well and I’m sure we’ll see him in action again soon. Maybe he’ll drop down a weight and prove he is the best lightweight/featherweight Mixed Martial Arts champion, or maybe he’ll get a rematch with Diaz, win and then go up a weight! Who really knows?

Conor McGgregor v Nate Diaz Results & Analysis

Nate Diaz Beating Conor McGregor by Subsmission

While it’s unlikely that anyone would have bet on Diaz to win in Round 2, there are a few people I know who got on Diaz by submission. That was actually one of my tips that I posted, although personally I didn’t get on it, I thought the odds for McGregor to win in the first by KO were too good to miss, I did see the possibility of it happening if Diaz could get McGregor to the ground. Congrats to all who won money on UFC 196, after the two major upsets I’m down a little, but not too much and I’m sure I’ll recover. The main thing is having a punt is fun, remember – you don’t have to bet the farm to enjoy yourself!

Round 1 wasn’t anything special in my view, it went mostly as many people predicted and didn’t produce anything hugely out of the ordinary.

In round 2, McGregor started well and had turned diaz’ face into something that resembled a tomato topped pizza after landing plenty of powerful shots right in the head, something he is really good at. Then, something that nobody say coming happened, Diaz landed a string of punches in a blistering combo, landing well on McGregor, then as soon as Nate got Conor on the ground, it was pretty much all over from there. It was a perfect combination of landing a brilliantly timed combo before getting Conor to ground.

We all know Diaz’ ground game was going to be much stronger than the Irishman’s, but I doubt that anybody expected Diaz to actually get him down there – especially in round 2!

This was a very well deserved submission win by Diaz and a massive, massive upset in UFC 196, just like the previous feature fight with Holly Holm and Meisha Tate.

What a night of UFC and what a night of upsets. If you bet against the favourites tonight you’d have absolutely cleaned up. With Holly Holm being comprehensively defeated by Meisha Tate,

During the post fight interview, Nate Diaz had one very important message to all UFC fans, and punters alike: “I’m not surprised motherfucker’s”. So were were we mate, but that’s what’s so great about betting and UFC in particular. On any given night anything can happen. These are all professional athletes and it only takes one mistake to capitalize, and if you’re in the lucky position to win a title, all the more power to you!

What you could have won betting on Diaz to win the fight

Decision / Submission – $3
Either Fighter By Submission – $5.5
Nate Diaz – Wins Inside Distance $7.5
Nate Diaz – Round 1 or Round 2 – $9
Nate Diaz – By Submission $10
Nate Diaz – Round 2 $21

Meisha Tate vs Holly Holm Results & Analysis

Tate Choking Out Holly Holm

What to say here. Tate dominated Holm from start to finish really, I never thought Holly had much of a chance after the first couple of rounds. There were a few good combos that Holly managed to land, but I think Tate was in control the majority of the fight. In reality, it could have ended a LOT earlier than it did, but Holm showed some heart. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

This fight was more one sided that I ever thought possible. I think Holly Holm was outclassed in near every round and near every fight style by Meisha Tate. This is making the rematch between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey look like either one could come out on top, I guess it depends on which fighter shows up on the night. If the Holm of tonight tries the same stragegy against Rousey as she did against Tate, I think she’s going to be in for a rude awakening and Rousey may end up with another quick knockout on her record.

On the other hand, it only takes a single mistake in UFC for your entire game plan to come undone, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Personally, after tonight’s performance, I’d rather see Rousey face off with Tate, but let’s just take things slowly and not get too carried away.

I guess we’re all now looking forward to the rematch between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, both coming off shock losses it will be interesting to see who holds their nerves the best.

I think this is a great time for women in the UFC. Fights like these are really getting much deserved attention and when they are on massive cards like UFC 196, I’m sure the whole sport has gained a plethora of new MMA & UFC fans.

Holly Holm, most famous for beating the previously undefeated Rhonda Rousey taking on the lesser known Miesha Tate. All I can say is that Holly never got into the fight, she landed a few good blows and some nice combos, but always seemed to be on the back foot. She ended up losing because of her poor ground game, getting choked out after being saved by the bell once, but she really took a beating in that encounter which would have made it much harder for her to win after that,

Undisputed UFC pound for pound World Champion Conor McGregor (Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) was comprehensively beaten by Nate Diaz (1st degree Black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu) at a weight of 170. Then there Meisha Tate annihilated Holly Holm from the beginning to the end according to my analysis of the fight.

With Conor McGregor, as soon as Nate Diaz got him to ground it was all over red-rover. I’d mentioned that if Diaz could manage to get McGregor on the ground without being knocked out first, he was a good chance of winning. I didn’t think it would so quick, but that’s the beauty of UFC.

I hope you like this new format that I’m trialling, I don’t like editing pages after an event but I do like to post the results somewhere.
Let me know if you think this is a good idea/bad idea of just leave the comment form alone if you’re indifferent, as most of you punters seem to be.

It doesn’t bother me either way, I see you coming back through my website stats anyway, so I must be doing something right!

Watch the Full 50 Post-Fight Press Conference Below

Good Luck, and Happy Punting!
Aussie Punter

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