Top Odds for the Coleman Medal Winner

Punters are extremely lucky to have this years Coleman Medal ladder so close at the top for this time of the year, it’s been one of the closest years heading into the AFL finals in years, just a few weeks ago the prospect of a small forward winning the Coleman was a real chance. Now the bookmakers (and their odds suggest) that Jack has it in the bag, so to speak, but believe me, this is still a 4 horse race and anything can happen in football. An injury in the first quarter, torrential rain or gusty wind, simply playing a shocker of a game, a massive upset which leads to very few opportunities and poor delivery, double and triple teaming by the opposition simply to prevent you scoring goals, even if the goals are given to other team members, a goal kicker being unusually inaccurate… and the list goes on.

While I said anything can happen in football, it’s pretty much a certainty at this point in time that the 2018 Coleman Medal winner will be one of the following four players. It’s obvious that the favourite deserves to be Jack Riewoldt, the in-form and almost unstoppable Tigers are peaking at the right time this year and they’re eager to defend their premiership and having Jack as the AFL’s leading goalkicker would please the team plenty if they’re also to go on and win the ultimate prize – the 2018 AFL Premiership Cup.

One of these 4 will be the 2018 Coleman Medal Winner

1. Jack Riewoldt – Richmond – 60 Goals

Deserves to be the favourite but those odds are ridiculous. Unless you already have a bet on Jack, I would suggest that you didn’t bet on him right now. He could go into some multi’s, but even then, he’s not going to add much value – and what if he loses – how would you feel then?

Jack Riewoldt is currently in the lead, at the very top of the Coleman ladder with 60 goals, 31 behinds with a decent average of 2.9 goals a game. Looking at those behind numbers proves that Jack’s a pretty accurate kick for goal as well. Richmond are playing the Bulldogs this week, and saying that they aren’t performing as well as we’d hoped is an understatement. Whatever it is that’s happened since their grand final win in 2016, every team in the comp would probably be trying to figure out what happened just as much as the Bulldogs are, if nothing else simply to prevent it happening to them. It doesn’t look like they’ve put the cue in the rack just yet, though. The ‘dogs have won their last 3 matches, but two of those teams aren’t really worth mentioning, the other team, the Kangaroos, aren’t known for their consistency. With all that said, if the Bulldogs want to stop Jack from making the 2018 Coleman Medal win a certainty, their young defenders, alongside Dale Morris are going to need to help prevent one of the best contested marking players in the game.

2. Ben Brown – North Melbourne – 58 Goals

If he’s on, he can easily overtake Jack. If he’s not, he might not score a single goal. One of Brown’s main weaknesses has been his inconsistency. If he was as consistent as the other three players in the final stretch to winning the Coleman, he’d most likely be a few lengths in front at the final turn and not looking like tiring at all (excuse the horse racing terminology). Instead he’s had three games where he’s scored donuts, and three games with only a single sausage roll. That’s not good enough for a player of his ability.

Ben Brown has been a shining light for the Kangaroos this year, when he’s on. When he’s not, a lot of supporters are reminded about some of his earlier years and why the coaches persisted with him. He’s offered his team a donut 3 times this year in losing games and that’s just not good enough as a key forward on the kind of salary he would be taking home. On the other hand, there’s been 10 games where he’s kicked 4+ goals, the team lost 4 of those. So it isn’t a case of Brown performing well and the team wins, but it does go a long way to helping the team win if he can impact the scoreboard more consistently. The good news is the ‘roos play the last game of the round, so He’ll know exactly how many he needs to kick – on second thought, perhaps that’s a bad thing. St. Kilda don’t look like they’ll make it easy for him to kick a big bag, this week Brown could kick anywhere between 0 and 10 goals, whatever he kicks this week, if he’s going to be half a chance, he’ll need to improve on his 2.16 goal average.

3. Tom Hawkins – Geelong – 56 Goals

Geelong are in a precarious position right now, only a few weeks ago things were looking rosy for them. He’s playing at home which is a huge advantage, I wouldn’t put it past him to kick a few but perhaps not quite enough to take the lead in the race for the Coleman.

Tom Hawkins is ready to strike and win if he can have another day out. Currently on 56.27 and playing the Gold Coast Suns at the Cats home ground, the GMHBA Stadium definitely helps the big marking forward’s chance of winning the Coleman. The main concern of mine, and most other punters, is that Tomahawk has relied on a few massive bags of 6 last week and 7 each in consecutive games in rounds 18 and 19. Kicking another big bag this week may not be as easy. Gold Coast have beaten the favoured Geelong side twice in their last five meetings, the Cats have also lost quite a few winnable games this year, on the flip side of the coin, most of their losses have come from teams firmly inside the top 8. Finally, it wasn’t that long ago that the Suns upset an overconfident Sydney Swans at the SCG in round 18.

4. Lance Franklin – Sydney – 57 Goals

Expect anything from Buddy, he could kick 10 against the Hawks with their young defence, at those crazy odds he’s definitely worth a small bet, even though I barrack for the Hawks and there is a lot riding on this game, I could definitely see Buddy kicking a lot of goals if they win the clearances.

Lance “Buddy” Franklin looks like the major danger to me at the moment. Buddy is sitting on 57 goals, playing against his now ancient former club at home on the small SCG. The last time Franklin played the Hawks at the SCG – Round 10, 2017, he kicked 5.1, if he repeated or improved on that score it would put him on 62 goals. Depending on how the game plays out and considering just how important this game is to both teams top 4 aspirations, it wouldn’t be surprising to many people if he kicked even more than the last time he played.

Best Odds from Leading Bookmaker: Ladbrokes

Jack Riewoldt: $1.50

Ben Brown: $4.00

Tom Hawkins: $5.00

Lance Franklin: $21.00

At those odds, it seems pretty sure the bookmakers already think Riewoldt’s name is written on the Coleman Medal. If you’re anything like me, you will see some value in this market. I wouldn’t be putting too much on anyone here, but a unit on Franklin looks overs – he’s known to kick big bags on small grounds, he thrives on pressure and loves big moments in games of footy – taking the lead from one of Riewoldt or Hawkins with only Brown to play may just help inspire him to play a blinder. He’d only need to kick 2 more than Brown to win outright.

Good Luck, and Happy Punting!
Aussie Punter

These odds were correct at the time of posting and are subject to change

No matter who you choose to bet on, or if you decide not to have a punt at all, just remember to have fun, enjoy yourself and stop if you think you’re no longer in control.

Mayweather Vs McGregor Betting Odds

One of the most anticipated fighting slash boxing betting events of the year, dubbed “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History” is happening on Sunday the 27th of August (Australian time) in Las Vegas, USA.

This fight may even more anticipated than the Mayweather v Pacqiauo boxing match of 2015, initally dubbed as the “Boxing Fight of the Century”, it was later dubbed by some as a “Pay-Per-Snooze” due to what many considered to be a boring spectacle. This upcoming fight is happening between two unlikely contestants and if nothing else looks likely to at worst be interesting and at best highly entertaining.

One fighter is the undefeated pro boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the other isn’t a boxer at all, instead he’s the only person in the history of the UFC to concurrently hold a title in two different weight devisions, of course that being Conor “Notorious” McGregor.

They’ll be figthing Las Vegas, U.S.A. on Sunday the 27th of August (AEST).

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather

Boxing Record: 49 Wins – 0 Losses – 0 Draws

Floyd Mayweather Jr. born in Michigan, U.S.A. is known as one of this generations most successful professional boxers after retiring in 2015 with a perfect record of 49 wins, 0 losses.

Mayweather’s style of boxing is not known for being brash, flashy, aggressive or put more bluntly, not highly entertaining to the casual fan of boxing. Instead, Mayweather has crafted a brilliant career by mastering of the art of boxing, continually scoring points while being one of the most successful defensive boxers and arguably the most evasive boxer in recent history.

The Notorious Conor McGregor

UFC Record: 21 Wins – 3 Losses – 0 Draws

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, McGregor stands in stark contrast to his opponent when comparing their fighting styles. McGregor is known for being flashy inside the octagon when fighting in the UFC, he’s very aggressive and is great on the counter-attack. Not only does he use his quick reflexes in his fights, McGregor usually ends his fights decisively by knocking out his opponent. He famously defeated Jose Aldo for the UFC Feathwerweight title in just 13 seconds.

Conor McGregor is also known for his quick wits at press conferences and media appearances and has an innate ability to taunt his opponents before, during and after his fights in order to gain an upper hand psychologically. Whether this tactic can work on Mayweather or not remains to be seen.

My opinion and free betting tips

Since Mayweather’s main strength is his ability to evade the fists of his opponent while landing scoring shots throughout the match and McGregor’s main strength is finding an opening on the counter-attack and exploiting it, the real question is can McGregor find that opening on such a defensive boxer, or will Floyd continue to prove to be one of the hardest to hit boxers in the world and make this another multi-million dollar Pay-Per-Snooze pay day?

It’s often cited that McGregor is one of the best punchers in the UFC, how this converts to the rules of boxing is yet to be seen. If this fight was in the octagon of the UFC, I would give McGregor the favouritism considering Mayweather’s lack of UFC training, but it isn’t, and I don’t. Training for a boxing match is not the same thing as being a professional boxer for your entire adult life.

There is a lot of talk, as there always is before a McGregor fight, about knockouts and who will knock out who in what round. I’ll be very surprised if either fighter can knock the other out in this one. I think this will be a points win to Mayweather, and my tip is to enjoy the fight but don’t take it too seriously. I think this fight is more of an exhibition match to be honest, I won’t be putting any major bets on this one.

Mayweather Vs McGregor Boxing Betting Odds

The best odds* for each fighter to win is listed in bold text.

Name Ladbrokes Bet365 CrownBet William Hill Australia LuxBet
Floyd Mayweather Jr. 1.22 1.23 1.23 1.20 1.22 1.23
Conor McGregor 4.60 4.33 4.50 4.80 4.60 4.25

*These odds were correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.

Good Luck, and Happy Punting!

UFC 207 – Nunes Vs Rousey Betting Odds

All fans of the UFC are in for a treat when former bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey makes her much anticipated return to the octagon against the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Amanda Nunes.

Ronda Rousey

After becoming the first American to win an Olympic medal in women’s judo – bronze in 2008, Rousey burst onto the pro MMA fight scene and could seemingly do no wrong early in her UFC career. Rousey (aka Rowdy, The Arm Collector) burst onto the pro MMA scene winning 12 consecutive Mixed Martial Arts fights including 6 in the UFC, nine of these wins came by way of her signature armbar submission. She became the poster girl of UFC and life seemed perfect for the American athlete.

Rousey’s career made a U-turn after a convincing loss to Holly Holm by way of a spectacular knockout. Rousey suffered from severe depression as a result and she took some time away from MMA to recover. Now she’s back to prove that she still has what it takes to be named the best bantamweight female fighter in the UFC, but it won’t be a walk in the park.

Amanda Nunes

Someone who would love to stop her in her comeback fight is the current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes.

Fighting out of Salvador, Brazil – a country known for producing great UFC fighters over the years, Nunes is known as “The Lioness of the Ring”. Nunes started training Karate from a young age and at age 16 also trained in boxing. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was what she pursued next, earning herself a black belt before competing in MMA. Following brief stings in MMA competitions Strikeforce and Invicta Fighting Championships, Nunes began her UFC career in 2013 and has risen to the top of the ranks, most recently defeating Miesha Tate at UFC 200, gaining the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

My Free UFC 207 Betting Tips

Rousey has spent a long time out of the octagon and all fight fans know her strengths, on the flip-side so do her opponents. Her weaknesses were on full display against Holly Holm, a fight in which Rousey was dominated from beginning to end. I don’t think that Rousey has the mental toughness to win this one, her last loss would have put a lot of doubt in her mind. I believe Nunes should be starting as short favourite to win.

My tip: Nunes by knockout. Nunes has proven she has KO power and I think she’ll find an opening in Rousey’s defenses within the first few rounds.

If you do choose to bet on either fighter to win via the method of victory betting market, you will qualify for a unique bonus offer from listed below.

CrownBet’s Unique UFC 207 Bonus Offer

Place a bet on the “Method of Victory” market for our nominated fight.

If your selected ‘Method of Victory’ fails, and the fight ends in Round 1, we’ll match your stake with Rewards Points up to $50 by giving you 100 Rewards Points for every $1 placed (max $50) up to 5,000 Rewards Points!

Method of Victory Betting Odds

My tip is listed in bold text.

Bet on the method of victory to qualify for CrownBet’s unique special offer listed above.

Ronda Rousey to win by KO 8.00
Ronda Rousey to win by Submission 1.85
Ronda Rousey to win by Points 17.00
Amanda Nunes to win by KO 2.75
Amanda Nunes to win by Submission 9.00
Amanda Nunes to win by Points 17.00
Draw 67.00

Other Top Markets and Betting Odds

The following markets don’t qualify for CrownBet’s special offer.

Round/Method of Victory Double

Ronda Rousey – Round 1 – KO 6.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 2 – KO 21.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 3 – KO 41.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 4 – KO 67.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 5 – KO 81.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 1 – Submission 2.50
Ronda Rousey – Round 2 – Submission 3.75
Ronda Rousey – Round 3 – Submission 11.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 4 – Submission 17.00
Ronda Rousey – Round 5 – Submission 26.00
Ronda Rousey by Decision 17.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 1 – KO 4.75
Amanda Nunes – Round 2 – KO 10.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 3 – KO 26.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 4 – KO 34.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 5 – KO 51.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 1 – Submission 9.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 2 – Submission 21.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 3 – Submission 41.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 4 – Submission 51.00
Amanda Nunes – Round 5 – Submission 81.00
Amanda Nunes by Decision 17.00
Draw 67.00

Round Betting

Ronda Rousey to win in Round 1 2.00
Ronda Rousey to win in Round 2 9.00
Ronda Rousey to win in Round 3 11.00
Ronda Rousey to win in Round 4 15.00
Ronda Rousey to win in Round 5 17.00
Ronda Rousey to win by Decision 15.00
Amanda Nunes to win in Round 1 3.75
Amanda Nunes to win in Round 2 9.00
Amanda Nunes to win in Round 3 26.00
Amanda Nunes to win in Round 4 34.00
Amanda Nunes to win in Round 5 41.00
Amanda Nunes to win by Decision 15.00
Draw 67.00

All odds were correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.

Good Luck and Happy Punting!

Aussie Punter

Best Bookie for Big Bash Betting Odds

What’s the best part of summer? Sitting down and watching the cricket has to be right up there. If you fancy betting on the Test or the Big Bash matches, CrownBet has some of the top betting odds and a large selection of markets for all test match, BBL and WBBL matches including cricket betting futures and LIVE betting during play.

Take advantage of their Top Runscorer Special, netting you up to $25 worth of CrownBet Reward points if your selected ‘Top Runscorer’ either goes out for a duck, or scores 30+ runs but is not the Top Runscorer for their team. How good is that?*

Not only that, but CrownBet has many other great features if you aren’t familiar with them – the mobile betting app is superb and easy to use, the CrownBet Card makes accessing your winnings as quick and easy as having cash in the bank, the Cash Out feature allows you to minimize the risk of losing your bet by cashing out your bet early if things aren’t looking great. There’s plenty more reasons to bet with CrownBet, read my Review of if you haven’t already and make sure you Join CrownBet today to take advantage of their special promotions.

Big Bash League Cricket Betting Tips

If you’re looking for some value, I’ve bolded some teams who I think have a genuine chance at good odds. Not to discount the favourites, but we all know that anything can happen in BBL cricket, there’s always value betting on Big Bash and Women’s Big Bash League matches. Also, look at any changes to the teams or weather which may affect one team more than the other. You can also find that during a T20 match, momentum can swing in an instant. Make sure you keep your eye on the odds, you can make some good money by betting quickly before the markets have a chance to adjust to a swing in momentum.

Being able to find value when betting consistently is what separates average to good tipsters from the experts. Not just cricket betting either, I mean finding value over the long term no matter what you are betting on. One of the key parts of finding value consistently is to take advantage of any special offer online bookmakers are offering. CrownBet have a great promotion on right now which you should see in the banners on this site.

Big Bash League Outright Winner Odds

BBL Team CrownBet
Melbourne Renegades 4.50
Melbourne Stars 4.50
Perth Scorchers 4.50
Brisbane Heat 6.00
Sydney Sixers 8.00
Hobart Hurricanes 11.00
Adelaide Strikers 15.00
Sydney Thunder 21.00

Odds To Make Top 4

BBL Team CrownBet
Melbourne Stars 1.20
Perth Scorchers 1.20
Melbourne Renegades 1.20
Brisbane Heat 1.57
Sydney Sixers 2.10
Hobart Hurricanes 2.80
Adelaide Strikers 4.25
Sydney Thunder 6.00

Odds To Reach Final

BBL Team CrownBet
Melbourne Stars 2.25
Perth Scorchers 2.25
Melbourne Renegades 2.25
Brisbane Heat 3.00
Sydney Sixers 4.00
Hobart Hurricanes 5.50
Adelaide Strikers 8.00
Sydney Thunder 11.00

Women’s Winner Odds

Women’s BBL Team CrownBet
Melbourne Stars 4.00
Hobart Hurricanes 5.00
Sydney Thunder 7.00
Perth Scorchers 7.00
Adelaide Strikers 7.00
Sydney Sixers 8.00
Brisbane Heat 10.00
Melbourne Renegades 12.00

These odds were correct at the time of posting and are subject to change.

* Here are the full terms and conditions for the Top Runscorer promotion:

Place a ‘Top Runscorer’ bet on any team in this week’s Big Bash League matches. If your selected ‘Top Runscorer’ scores either a duck, or 30+ runs but is not the Top Runscorer for their team, we’ll match your stake with CrownBet Rewards​ Points up to $25 by giving you 100 Points for every $1 placed (max $25) up to 2,500 Points! Points Structure: $10 bet=1,000 Points, $25 bet=2,500 Points.

Good Luck, Happy Punting and Happy Holidays!

Aussie Punter

UFC 196 Post Fight Review, Analysis & Results

UFC 196 had without a doubt one of the biggest Ultimate Fighting Championship fight cards in recent memory and the quality of almost all of the fights was really impressive, just what we want to see. This was a great result of UFC bt more importantly, a great result for punters who didn’t back the favourites of the headline fights.

We had two enormous upsets on the fight card for UFC 196, both headline fights were Conor McGregor Vs. Nate Diaz & Holly Holm Vs. Meisha Tate. Both of these big fights ended with big upsets, much to the surprise of every punter I know. I’m sure not too many online bookmakers will be complaining with the results though, so long as some of you punters out there made some good bets on the weekend and increased your bankroll or ended up with a bigger bookie balance than before the weekend started, I’m one happy punter.

initially what I thought was strange was that both Both Conor McGregor and Holly Holm lost to their opponents by submission, Conor in the 2nd round and Holly in the 5th. However, I should have knows that Conor’s ground game is poor in comparison to Diaz’ and Holly prefers to fight on her feet. I should have seen this a mile away but I got too caught up in the hype of The Irishman’s custom made suits and his laughs. Both champions were undeniably beaten by their opponents on the night, however McGregor did manage to inflict a fair bit of damage to Diaz’s face before he took a nasty combo and ended up on the ground.

Not many people would have expected the 27 year old from Dublin, Ireland to lose this fight, but as with life, you can’t win everything forever.

At some stage there comes a time when even the best cannot win. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are finished for good, Conor “The Notorious” McGregor is taking his loss well. He has been as humble as can be expected after losing such a massive fight, one that many thought he’d win inside the first couple of rounds. The pressure may have had something to do with his loss, not taking anything away from Diaz who fought a good fight, but it seemed to me that Conor just couldn’t get his game plan working at all during the fight. Again, this could have been Nate’s doing as well.

You may not expect a champion such as McGregor with such a big mouth and huge personality to be humble about anything, let alone losing one of the biggest fights of his career, and I’d never seen him lose before so I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully for the UFC, he took the loss well and I’m sure we’ll see him in action again soon. Maybe he’ll drop down a weight and prove he is the best lightweight/featherweight Mixed Martial Arts champion, or maybe he’ll get a rematch with Diaz, win and then go up a weight! Who really knows?

Conor McGgregor v Nate Diaz Results & Analysis

Nate Diaz Beating Conor McGregor by Subsmission

While it’s unlikely that anyone would have bet on Diaz to win in Round 2, there are a few people I know who got on Diaz by submission. That was actually one of my tips that I posted, although personally I didn’t get on it, I thought the odds for McGregor to win in the first by KO were too good to miss, I did see the possibility of it happening if Diaz could get McGregor to the ground. Congrats to all who won money on UFC 196, after the two major upsets I’m down a little, but not too much and I’m sure I’ll recover. The main thing is having a punt is fun, remember – you don’t have to bet the farm to enjoy yourself!

Round 1 wasn’t anything special in my view, it went mostly as many people predicted and didn’t produce anything hugely out of the ordinary.

In round 2, McGregor started well and had turned diaz’ face into something that resembled a tomato topped pizza after landing plenty of powerful shots right in the head, something he is really good at. Then, something that nobody say coming happened, Diaz landed a string of punches in a blistering combo, landing well on McGregor, then as soon as Nate got Conor on the ground, it was pretty much all over from there. It was a perfect combination of landing a brilliantly timed combo before getting Conor to ground.

We all know Diaz’ ground game was going to be much stronger than the Irishman’s, but I doubt that anybody expected Diaz to actually get him down there – especially in round 2!

This was a very well deserved submission win by Diaz and a massive, massive upset in UFC 196, just like the previous feature fight with Holly Holm and Meisha Tate.

What a night of UFC and what a night of upsets. If you bet against the favourites tonight you’d have absolutely cleaned up. With Holly Holm being comprehensively defeated by Meisha Tate,

During the post fight interview, Nate Diaz had one very important message to all UFC fans, and punters alike: “I’m not surprised motherfucker’s”. So were were we mate, but that’s what’s so great about betting and UFC in particular. On any given night anything can happen. These are all professional athletes and it only takes one mistake to capitalize, and if you’re in the lucky position to win a title, all the more power to you!

What you could have won betting on Diaz to win the fight

Decision / Submission – $3
Either Fighter By Submission – $5.5
Nate Diaz – Wins Inside Distance $7.5
Nate Diaz – Round 1 or Round 2 – $9
Nate Diaz – By Submission $10
Nate Diaz – Round 2 $21

Meisha Tate vs Holly Holm Results & Analysis

Tate Choking Out Holly Holm

What to say here. Tate dominated Holm from start to finish really, I never thought Holly had much of a chance after the first couple of rounds. There were a few good combos that Holly managed to land, but I think Tate was in control the majority of the fight. In reality, it could have ended a LOT earlier than it did, but Holm showed some heart. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

This fight was more one sided that I ever thought possible. I think Holly Holm was outclassed in near every round and near every fight style by Meisha Tate. This is making the rematch between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey look like either one could come out on top, I guess it depends on which fighter shows up on the night. If the Holm of tonight tries the same stragegy against Rousey as she did against Tate, I think she’s going to be in for a rude awakening and Rousey may end up with another quick knockout on her record.

On the other hand, it only takes a single mistake in UFC for your entire game plan to come undone, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Personally, after tonight’s performance, I’d rather see Rousey face off with Tate, but let’s just take things slowly and not get too carried away.

I guess we’re all now looking forward to the rematch between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, both coming off shock losses it will be interesting to see who holds their nerves the best.

I think this is a great time for women in the UFC. Fights like these are really getting much deserved attention and when they are on massive cards like UFC 196, I’m sure the whole sport has gained a plethora of new MMA & UFC fans.

Holly Holm, most famous for beating the previously undefeated Rhonda Rousey taking on the lesser known Miesha Tate. All I can say is that Holly never got into the fight, she landed a few good blows and some nice combos, but always seemed to be on the back foot. She ended up losing because of her poor ground game, getting choked out after being saved by the bell once, but she really took a beating in that encounter which would have made it much harder for her to win after that,

Undisputed UFC pound for pound World Champion Conor McGregor (Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) was comprehensively beaten by Nate Diaz (1st degree Black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu) at a weight of 170. Then there Meisha Tate annihilated Holly Holm from the beginning to the end according to my analysis of the fight.

With Conor McGregor, as soon as Nate Diaz got him to ground it was all over red-rover. I’d mentioned that if Diaz could manage to get McGregor on the ground without being knocked out first, he was a good chance of winning. I didn’t think it would so quick, but that’s the beauty of UFC.

I hope you like this new format that I’m trialling, I don’t like editing pages after an event but I do like to post the results somewhere.
Let me know if you think this is a good idea/bad idea of just leave the comment form alone if you’re indifferent, as most of you punters seem to be.

It doesn’t bother me either way, I see you coming back through my website stats anyway, so I must be doing something right!

Watch the Full 50 Post-Fight Press Conference Below

Good Luck, and Happy Punting!
Aussie Punter