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Pinnacle Sports dubs itself as “The Best Online Sports Betting Site” and I think they have a good case to make that bold claim.

The Best Value Betting Odds, Anywhere

Pinnacle Sports don’t charge a commission like betting exchanges do. This means that Pinnacle Sports are legitimately able to claim that they have the best odds online for horse racing, International sports such as soccer, tennis, cricket, golf, novelty events and even eSports markets such as computer game tournaments.

The reason you’ll receive better odds from is because their margins are lower than any other online bookmaker or online betting exchange.

The way bookmaker set their odds is similar to how a retail shopping outlet sets the prices of their wares. A shop buys a product for a set amount of money, then mark up the price by a certain percentage which provides them with X% profit. Most internet betting websites add a markup, called a margin to the odds. Pinnacle will almost always offer better value than other bookmakers because they add less of a margin to their odds.

With online gambling, margins are expressed as a number above 100% – a market set at 100% means there is no “edge” for the bookmaker, or no markup at all. Most online bookmakers set their margins between 5% and 10% on all racing and sporting events. Pinnacle Sports however offers a margin of just 2% for major sports markets including soccer which is much lower than other online bookmakers.

Lower margins put simply means consistently better odds for punters. If you want to win in the long-term gambling, it’s important to get the best odds.

Big Punters, Including Winners are Welcome

Consistent big winners will not have their accounts closed, unlike most of the other online only bookmakers. Many Australian online bookies will close the accounts of punters who have a good run of luck or win consistently. Pinnacle will never close your account for being a winner. They understand that’s the whole point of gambling in the first place, to win, so they won’t close your account for being good at what you do.

Arbitrage Friendly

One method of guaranteeing a profit when gambling online is what is called arbitrage betting. Arbitrage betting is what happens when you can find two separate online bookmakers whose odds differ so much that no matter what outcome of an event, you will be guaranteed a profit.

An example of arbitrage betting would be during an AFL football match between Hawthorn and Geelong, if Ladbrokes was offering odds of $2.10 for Hawthorn to win and William Hill was offering odds of $2.05 for Geelong to win, you could back both teams and no matter the winner, you would be guaranteed a profit.

This is a very simple example just so you understand the concept, and while not an impossibility, it is rare that this kind of opportunity arises. There is also the chance that the match could result in a draw, in AFL football, a draw is rare and the odds are usually around $51, so in order to guarantee a profit, you could put a small saver on the draw as well.

High Bet Limits and No Closing Winners Accounts also has the highest limits available online. For the soccer World Cup, limits were set at $1,000,000. Is that big enough for you? Most bookmakers have their limits set much lower, some as low as several thousand dollars. Pinnacle Sports also never closes accounts of winning punters, no matter how much or often you win.

Low Minimum Bet & Withdrawal Amounts

Pinacle Sports doesn’t just cater for big punters, they also have low minimum deposit amounts and mininum bets are just $1. You can withdraw any amount at all from your account, however the one negative I’ve found is that only the first withdrawal of the month is free. This shouldn’t be a problem for most punters, but personally I don’t like having too much money held up in bookmakers when they could be in a bank account earning interest.

An Online Bookmaker for Professional Punters

Great Dedicated Mobile Betting Site

Pinnacle Sports Mobile has a much improved layout & easier navigation for people on mobile devices. Users of iPhone or Android phones as well as iPad or other tablets are provided with a cleaner layout, the use of icons and sliding menus makes it much quicker and easier to find the markets you want to bet on as well as access services and account options.

The mobile site features one click live odds and all live in-play betting markets are always just a click away, with a permanent menu item taking you straight to all available live markets.

It’s easy to build a bet ticket without being logged in on your mobile device and then seamlessly placing your bet when you want. It’s just as easy to add funds to your account when using your mobile device, no matter where you are. At the track or the sporting event, just pull out your phone or tablet and you can add funds to your account quickly and easily, choosing from all of Pinnacle Sports popular desktop payment methods, providing a complete betting service on the move.

Expert Tips and Regular Quality Beting Articles

Essentially with Pinnacle Sports you’ll be getting the best odds with the highest limits, low minimum bet amounts, no minimum withdrawal amounts, expert tips, analysis and betting articles and one of the most trusted brands in the world.

The Most Ways to Deposit & Withdraw

Pinnacle offer more ways to deposit and withdraw your funds than any other bookmaker, no matter what country you’re in or where your cash is, you’ll almost be guaranteed to get it into your betting account quickly at Pinnacle. There are so many new ways of transferring money around the world and these guys know that. They are constantly adding more payment methods so you don’t need to transfer your money to your bank account in order to bet with it, saving you time and money.

Unique eSports Betting Markets

There aren’t many online betting sites that will take bets on eGaming or eSports but Pinnacle Sports isn’t just your regular, every day bookie. Just recently they surpassed 1,000,000 bets on eSports. No other bookmaker comes close.

Review Conclusion, Site Ranking & Features

9.5 out of 10
Offshore bookies don’t get much better than this, living up to their namesake, they are at the Pinnacle of online gambling, no matter what you bet on.

Pinnacle Sports is a truly unique online bookmaker which any punter who’s serious about winning should have an account with. No doubt about it.

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