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Australian greyhound racing is a fast paced and exciting sport starring pure bred greyhounds who race around an oval track at incredible speeds while chasing after an artificial ‘bunny rabbit’, which the dogs are trained to chase. Greyhounds can run in excess of 60 kilometres an hour, making the races quite quick but ultimately, this pace is what attracts a lot of punters to bet on the dogs.

In Australia, as around the world, there are generally 8 greyhounds per race, and each number coincides with the box they’re drawn to race from. There are also number 9 and 10 which are emergencies and can be placed in any of the boxes between 1 and 8 if any other dogs are scratched.

Free Tips for Betting on Greyhound Racing

As with all racing, reading the form guide is absolutely crucial in order to be able to predict what might happen in a greyhound race, perhaps more-so with greyhounds because unlike other types of racing markets, there are no riders or jockeys to take into account when placing your bets. The only information you need to know is that there are up to 8 dogs all trying to catch the mechanical bunny first. Usually one would expect that the fastest dog would always win, however some dogs are smarter than others and take an inside run sticking close to the fence and avoiding other dogs, giving them a great advantage to those who run wide or often collide with other runners. You will notice these kind of traits if you look at the form closely.

Generally speaking, the inside draw(box 1) and the outermost box(8) are preferred by punters as the dogs drawn in the middle are more likely to get “checked” (cut off/tripped/disavantaged) at the beginning of a race. This is not as important in distance races, as checking can occur throughout the entire race and depending on the severity of the check (how far it sets them back) and quality and speed of the dog, a minor check can be overcome in longer races much easier than short ones.

In my opinion, Sectional Times or Split Times are especially important to pay attention to, especially the first split time as it gives an indication as to how fast the dog will begin, and in my experience, getting a good start is one of the most important factors in your chosen dog winning the race. The distance a dog has won over is also important, as is their time over each distance. If it was as simple as picking the dog with the fastest track time, we’d all be rich, however it can be a good indicator and used with the other information in the form guides can help you pick a winner.

One often underrated aspect of greyhound racing is the trainer. There are legendary trainers who can consistently train champion greyhounds, you will notice them pop up with wins all the time and often they will have more than one dog starting in a particular race.

Online Greyhound Form Guides, Stats and News

There are two websites that I use regularly when betting on greyhound racing in Australia, these are great free services that offer similar statistics, ratings and tips that paid services provide.

The Watchdog

The Watchdog
Daily Victorian and South Australian greyhound form guides including The Meadows, Warrnambool, Geelong, Sale, Sandown Park, Ballarat, Cranbourne, Shepparton, Horsham and Warragul. The site contains replay videos, reports, detailed statistics and more. You can use their online form browser, which is a full-featured interactive form guide including suggested betting tips from The Watchdog himself, or download different versions of the form in PDF format listed below.

  • The Whisper: Summary of races on 1 page.
  • The Snapshot: Beginners guide with symbols to help assessment.
  • The Runaway Train: 3 page intermediate guide with assessment.
  • The Brainstormer: Standard guide showing 1 race per page.
  • The Rocket Scientist: Advanced guide with 30+ pages full of useful information.

The Watchdog has helped me win on the dogs countless times, I’d recommend you have a peek if you’re into having a punt on the dogs in Australia, note that the Watchdog only covers Victorian races in detail. There are other form guides for different states, some listed here however none have I found to be as good or as comprehensive as The Watchdog.

Complete online form guide for all NSW greyhound race meets including The Gardens, Richmond, Wentworth Park, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst C, Bulli, Lismore, Gosford and Nowra. don’t have quite as many choices with the formguide as the Watchdog, there are still 3 different guides to choose from: the basic field, the Wrapper, and the Expert form guides. There’s also complete historical race results, future racing calendars and detailed track information. I have to mention The Dogs TV greyhound videos which feature form analysis, the latest betting markets, expert tips and more. You’ll also find a detailed stats section on the site.

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