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Harness racing in Australia and New Zealand is also know as the “Trots”, which is short for trotting. Standardbred horses are used in both pacing and trotting events and races are usually between 1600 metres and 2650 metres. Harness racing differs greatly from thoroughbred horse racing and has its own set of laws and rules governing what can and cannot be done by the driver during a race.

Handicapping occurs in harness racing just as it does in horse racing and varies based on age and ability of the horse.

The Inter Dominion is one of the largest and most famous harness races in the country, in which horses from Australia and New Zealand have contested since 1936, alternating between AU and NZ each year.

Major Group 1 Harness Races

  • Miracle Mile
  • A G Hunter Cup
  • Chariots of Fire
  • Victoria Cup
  • Australian Pacing Championship
  • Australian Pacing Gold
  • Inter Dominion Pacing Championship
  • Inter Dominion Trotting Championship

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