Coleman Medal Betting Tips

Coleman Medal Betting Tips

Get the Best Odds on the 2018 Coleman Medal

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You’ll find plenty of exclusive offers and deals but most importantly, the best odds for Jack Riewoldt, Ben Brown, Tom Hawkins and Lance Franklin to be the 2018 Coleman Medal winner – the four forwards who statistically at this point cannot be beaten.

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About the Coleman Medal

Named after Essendon football legend John Douglas Coleman who averaged over 5 goals a game during his short careeer, the Coleman Medal is awarded to the player who kicks the most goals during the home and away season, not including Finals.

It helps to have accounts with more than one online bookmaker so you can compare the odds from each, then choose the bookmaker which is paying the most for your selection. You will find that especially before a season begins that there are often big differences in the odds offered by various bookmakers, especially the lesser known ones and offshore bookmakers (which I will be adding honest reviews for when time permits) as you want to take every single advantage you can get when having a punt on the leading goal scorer, such as any welcome bonus, special odds or free bet offers.

Tips for Betting on the Coleman Medal

Key forwards generally take 4 to 5 years in the system to reach the level required to kick the most goals in a season. Unlike the Brownlow Medal, there is usually only a small handful of forwards in the running for the Coleman.

Not very often does a player come from absolutely "nowhere", so to speak and kick the most goals in that particular year. There’s generally a steady progression from year to year until they become one of the elite forwards of the competition and boot the most goals, this often coincides with the teams steady rise up the ladder. Look for forwards in their prime and a team who has been improving steadily and you will be able to identify some strong Coleman Medal candidates.

Also be on the lookout for the year that a good team "breaks out" and becomes great. For example; Geelong in ’07, Hawthorn in ’08, St. Kilda in ’09, Collingwood in 2010 all had exceptionally good years compared to the previous ones.

It is possible for a lesser known forward to kick the most goals in a season as well, keep this in mind when looking for value at the start of the year. Jack Riewoldt is a good example in recent years. Even though his team finished outside the 8, his accuracy alone allowed him to win the Coleman in 2010 finishing the year with 78 goals and 39 behinds, one of the better goal-kicking averages in the league. It was Jack’s 4th year in the AFL system and he improved both his contested marking and goal kicking accuracy enormously from the previous year.

Coleman Medal Ladder, Current Leading Goal Scorers

Past Medal Winners & Leading Goalkickers

Year Winner Team Goals
2017 Lance Franklin Sydney 69
2016 Josh Kennedy West Coast 82
2015 Josh Kennedy West Coast 80
2014 Lance Franklin Sydney 67
2013 Jarryd Roughead Hawthorn 68
2012 Jack Riewoldt Richmond 65
2011 Lance Franklin Hawhtorn 71
2010 Jack Riewoldt Richmond 78
2009 Brendan Fevola Carlton 86
2008 Lance Franklin Hawthorn 102
2007 Jonathan Brown Brisbane Lions 77
2006 Brendan Fevola Carlton 84
2005 Fraser Gehrig St Kilda 74
2004 Fraser Gehrig St Kilda 90
2003 Matthew Lloyd Essendon 87
2002 David Neitz Melbourne 75
2001 Matthew Lloyd Essendon 96
2000 Matthew Lloyd Essendon 94
1999 Scott Cummings WestCoast 88
1998 Tony Lockett Sydney 107
1997 Tony Modra Adelaide 81
1996 Tony Lockett Sydney 114
1995 Gary Ablett Geelong 118
1994 Gary Ablett Geelong 113
1993 Gary Ablett Geelong 124
1992 Jason Dunstall Hawthorn 139
1991 Tony Lockett St Kilda 118
1990 John Longmire North Melbourne 98

For even earlier Coleman Medal winners and leading goal scorers prior to 1990, check out the WikiPediaNew Window article.

Latest Coleman Medal News

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