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The National Basketball League, abbreviated to NBL, is the premier basketball competition in Australia. It was created in 1979 and the league is still going strong with a loyal and dedicated following. NBA Basketball has a huge following in the USA with no restrictions on international players, but in the NBL, teams are only allowed to have two foreign players each, therefore most of the players are Australian. Eight teams battle for the chance to win the championship over 30 rounds which culminates in a grand final that is played over 5 games, the team that wins the most of 5 takes home the championship.

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Some common NBL bet types

  • Who will win the NBL this season?
  • What side will be in what position at the end of the regular season?
  • Who will win what match and how many points will be scored by either team during the match?
  • Who will be in front in the first, second, third or fourth quarters?
  • Which player will win the MVP award in both the regular season and the grand final?
  • Who will be the coach of the year?
  • Which player will have the highest scoring average and the highest in total?

Some interesting NBL facts

  • Derek Rucker has the record for the most assists in a match at 24.
  • Ian Davies has the record for scoring the most 3 pointers at 13 in one game.
  • Melbourne once defeated Sydney by 88 points.
  • Brisbane won 21 games in a row in 2007.

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