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Betting on boxing online is easy, safe and fun. Having access to a number of different online bookmakers ensures you can find the best odds available for each match. Many Australian boxers have become world-class and there are a lot of boxing legends who call Australia home.

Boxing is the ultimate in one on one combat sport. Two highly toned and well trained men fight it out in the ring for the chance at the ultimate in fame, fortune and glory. The origins of Boxing go way back, so far back that noone truly knows exactly when it began, although the first recorded event was in the Olympic Games of 688BC. However, despite the popularity of fist-fighting, as it was called, nobody decided to write any formal rules until 1743 when one boxer decided to write some rules down to stop the constant deaths and reduce the risk involved.

Nowadays, boxing is a global event with millions watching the championship fights in various weight divisions, usually via Pay Per View which generates an enormous amount of money for everyone involved in the industry, from promoters, trainers and the boxers themselves. Millions of dollars are also spent, and earned by punters all over the world.

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Online Boxing Betting Tips

It is very important to note, as with all other sports, that the favourite does not always win. Upsets happen all the time, often filled with controversy and conspiracy theories. Remember that when you bet on boxing, you really are gambling in more ways than one. Don’t wager too much on any single bet, the outcome of a boxing match can shock even the most astute fighting experts and professional gamblers alike. Especially in the heavier weight divisions, all it takes is one punch to end a fight, disqualifications happen, referees are sometimes seemingly blind and some judges can be unpredictable to say the least.

Never listen to the boxers themselves, their job is to hype up a fight and not give you any real tips that will help you pick the winner. Scandals are common in boxing following the rule that all publicity is good publicity. The main factors to look for when matching up two boxers are the age, often younger boxers have an advantage over those who have been around the ring a few times. Height and reach are very important too, if there is a large discrepancy here, you have to think that the larger boxer with the longer reach will have an advantage. Last but not least, class has to be considered. No matter the age, weight, height, reach difference, a truly skilful and classy boxer can overcome any opponent.

Major Boxing Organisations

There are four international boxing organisations recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF). Each org. has its own world title in each weight division.

  • World Boxing Council (WBC)
  • World Boxing Association (WBA)
  • International Boxing Federation (IBF)
  • the World Boxing Organization (WBO)

Boxers can hold a world title in more than one weight division and can “unify” world titles. Australian boxing legend Kostya Tszyuu achieved this feat in 2001 after defeating Zab Judah in the United States of America. It was a memorable contest dubbed “Winner Takes All”, as the winner would take all three World Titles, Kostya’s WBC and WBA titles and Judah’s IBF title. In the second round Kostya landed a left phantom to Judah’s head, knocking him off balance. Tszyuu followed with a hellacious right hand which landed perfectly on Judah’s jaw, sending him sprawling onto the canvas. Judah staggered around the ring, dazed, confused and unable to keep his feet, he wobbled nearly ten feet then fell flat on his face and the referee stopped the fight.

KT said after the fight:

“The referee did him a favour by stopping the fight otherwise he would be very, very hurt. The punch was not that strong really, if he felt my full power, he would not get up fully, he would still be there.”

Deafeating Judah handed Tszyuu the IBF World Champion to add to his WBA and WBC titles. This made Kostya Tszyuu the first undisputed world champion since 1968.

Common Boxing Betting Types

  • Head to Head Win betting. Simply choose who will win the fight.
  • How The Fight Will End. Will it be a knockout or a points decision?
  • Knockout Round. To win by way of KO, choose the exact round it occurs.
  • Total Rounds. Will the fight be + or – a set number of rounds?
  • How The Fight Will End. Which boxer will win, and how. Bet on either KO, TKO, Disqualification or Points decision.
  • It is also possible to bet on a draw, although I myself have never made such a bet and I’m not sure if it would be a wise investment.

Boxing has a long and violent history and the present has never been better for boxing with a very bright future ahead of it. Boxing history is full of upsets and victories against incredible odds. David Haye won the WBA heavyweight title after defeating Nicolai Valuev on points, David was over seven stone (98 pounds, or 44.45 kilograms) lighter than his opponent and still defeated him. In the 1930’s the “Cinderella Man” James Braddock defeated the seemingly unstoppable Max Baer despite various injuries and having been stripped of his license once. Muhammad Ali ended his career with 61 fights to his name and only 5 losses.

Boxers at the top of their game are a marvel to behold using their skill and movement to defeat their opponents, the sport is a lot like an art form. When people watch boxing they do it to enjoy spectacle of two men trying to defeat each other using their skill and strength.

List of Famous Australian Boxers

Boxer Name Alias/Nickname D.O.B. Division
Alex Leapai The Lionheart 1979-Oct-16 Heavyweight
Anthony Mundine The Man 1975-May-21 Middleweight
Daniel Dawson The Rock 1977-Oct-15 Light Middleweight
Danny Green Green Machine 1973-March-09 Cruiserweight
Gairy St Clair Superman 1975-Feb-02 Light Middleweight
Jason Delisle The Nailer 1972-May-31 Light Heavyweight
Lovemore Ndou The Black Panther 1971-Aug-16 Welterweight
Michael Katsidis The Great 1980-Aug-15 Light Welterweight
Naoufel Ben Rabah Chocolata 1977-Nov-18 Welterweight
Nedal Hussein Skinny 1977-Dec-01 Super Featherweight
Paul Briggs Hurricane 1975-Aug-13 Light Heavyweight
Paul Murdoch   1973-Oct-03 Light Heavyweight
Peter Mitrevski Jr Baby 1979-Jul-31 Middleweight
Robbie Peden Bomber 1973-Nov-11 Super Featherweight
Sam Soliman King 1973-Nov-13 Middleweight
Shannan Taylor Bulli Blaster 1972-May-12 Super Middlewieght
Vic Darchinyan Raging Bull 1976-Jan-07 Bantamweight

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Boxing Weight Divisions

  • Mini flyweight
  • Flyweight
  • Bantamweight
  • Featherweight
  • Lightweight
  • Welterweight
  • Middleweight
  • Super middleweight
  • Light heavyweight
  • Cruiserweight
  • Heavyweight

From mini flyweight to middleweight, their are also junior divisions.

List of Retired Australian Boxers

  • Adam Forsyth
  • Adam Vella
  • Adam Watt
  • Ambrose Palmer
  • Anthony Little
  • Anthony Madigan
  • Archie Kemp
  • Barry Michael
  • Billy Dib
  • Bob Mirovic
  • Brad Pitt
  • Charles Jardine
  • Charles Sinclair
  • Daniel Beahan
  • Daniel Geale
  • Dave Sands
  • Domenic Gatto
  • Eddie Scarf
  • Erle Wiltshire
  • Evangelos Goussis
  • Gerard O’Mahony
  • Grahame Cheney
  • Greg McNamara
  • Gus Mercurio
  • Harold Hardwick
  • Henry C. Cooper
  • Henry Collins
  • Ian James Schaffa
  • James Swan
  • Jarrod Fletcher
  • Jeff Fenech
  • Jeff Harding
  • Jerry Jerome
  • Jim Hall
  • Jimmy Carruthers
  • Jimmy Sharman
  • Joe Bugner
  • Joe Goddard
  • John Noctor
  • John Reid McGowan
  • Johnny Best
  • Johnny Famechon
  • Justin Kane
  • Kali Meehan
  • Kevin Hogarth
  • Kostya Tszyuu
  • Larry Dooley
  • Lawrence Tauasa
  • Leonard Cook
  • Leonardo Zappavigna
  • Les Darcy
  • Leslie Harley
  • Lester Ellis
  • Lionel Rose
  • Lovemore N’dou
  • Mark de Mori
  • Michael Katsidis
  • Neilson Taione
  • Oliver Taylor
  • Paul Fleming
  • Paul Miller
  • Peter Graham (kickboxer)
  • Peter Jackson
  • Ray Wheatley
  • Raymond Jones
  • Reginald Baker
  • Richard Rowles
  • Robbie Peden
  • Rocky Mattioli
  • Ron Bramble
  • Stephen Sutherland
  • Steve Cansdell
  • Steven Rudic
  • Todd Kidd
  • Tony Mundine
  • Tosca Petridis
  • Vic Darchinyan
  • Vince Cervi
  • Wally Carr
  • Young Griffo
  • Zdravko Micevic