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The National Rugby League, or NRL is officially the most watched sport on Australian television. Over one hundred and twenty million Australians watched it in 2009, and some consider it to be the national sport of Australia. Rugby League was formed in response to various differences between members of the Rugby Football Union in England. A group of clubs decided to form their own professional league. New rules were drawn up and the Rugby League was born. In 1901, a club paid money for a player for the first time, causing a major shock. Upon seeing the professional league in Northern England, a group of New Zealanders worked with an Australian to form a league in Australia, and now the NRL is a majore sporting event in Australia and New Zealand showing the sport to the whole of Australasia.

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NRL Betting Tips

As with most forms of gambling, consistently winning money betting on the National Rugby League is not as simple as just backing the favourites each week and expecting to come out in front in the long term. Favourites only win roughly 30% of the time. When you consider the odds for favourites are much shorter than the odds for the outsiders, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is simply not the way to profit from betting on the NRL, or any other form of gambling.

Some of the best tips I can give you are to look at the recent form of the teams you are going to place a bet on. Injuries and form are two important factors when betting on NRL. Never under estimate a home ground advantage, playing at home is definitely worthy of consideration in every bet you make.

Common NRL Betting Types

NRL Premiership or Grand Final Betting

Picking the winner of the Grand Final, one of the most popular forms of Rugby League punting, which can also be very profitable if you place your bets early in the season. After the half way mark of the season, it is generally understood which teams will be there at the end of the year participating in the finals series and you won’t be getting the best odds you can for the winner of the Grand Final.

Minor Premiership Betting

Simply putting your money on which team will finish at the top of the ladder after the regular NRL season, before finals. This team is usually the better performed team all year, however, they are not necessarily going to win the premiership.

NRL Quinella

Picking the two teams that will play off in the Grand Final early in the year can end up providing some decent odds for astute punters, especially those who don’t always punt with their heart and understand that their team may not make the NRL Grand Final in every season.

Most Season Losses

Simply picking the team who you think will lose the most amount of games can be a fun, and occasionally very profitable way of betting. Just like grand final winners, consecutive wooden spoon winners are quite uncommon. By using a bit of nouse, common sense and with maybe a small amount of luck, you might be able to find some good odds if you choose a team you think is on the slide to lose the most amount of games in a season.

Top 8 or Top 4 Betting

Punting in whether a team will finish in the top four, or the top eight after the premiership season concludes, excluding finals can be a nice way to generate some juicy odds. Especially in years which appear to be very close and a lot of teams are in with a chance of winning the Grand Final, this also means the odds for finishing the regular season in the top four or eight positions still have realatively good odds compared to the risk involved.

To Make the Grand Final

Betting on an NRL team to make the Grand Final is popular with many punters as the odds before the season begins can offer a lot more value after the season has begun. If you expect a team to have a break-out year, for example if their younger players are improving or they’ve recruited some good players in the off-season, betting on a team to make the Grand Final can get you some good odds without them having to actually win the Premiership.

Dally M Medal Betting

Awarded each year to the Best and Fairest player over the entire season officially since 1998, although the award has existed since 1980. It is very much like the AFL’s Brownlow Medal Trophy. Both of these awards are highly valuable awards treasured by players of both football codes.

National Youth Competition

With only a short history, only beginning in 2008, this is the official competition for the top young NRL talent under between the ages of 17 and 19 years old. 16 teams compete, 15 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand, at the present time, the Kiwis have been the most successful in this competition. Originally sponsored by Toyota and named the Toyota Cup, as of 2013 it is now sponsored by Holden and known as the Holden Cup. Who knows, it could be the Mazda Cup or the Ford Cup in the future.

State of Origin

Wooden Spoon Betting

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