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Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American mixed martial arts promotion company. It is the premier MMA promotion as well as the largest in the world and features most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport.

While only recently has it gained mass popularity with fans, who often have preferred boxing to mixed martial arts, there has been a shift with the younger generations looking for more exciting fights. There is always the question of integrity in boxing with several high profile fighters having some of their fights thrown into question and there is always the accusations of doping which has marred the sport for a long time now.

The top MMA fighters need a much broader skill set than a professional boxer which may add to the appeal of UFC fights. Whatever the case, it’s a great spectacle for fans of martial arts, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing and many other orthodox and unorthodox fight styles. It’s also a brilliant sport to bet on as the raw adrenaline pumping excitement of a good UFC title fight is very hard to match.

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Never bet with your heart, always use your head, this applies to betting on any sport, but with UFC in particular I’ve noticed a lot of punters who have a favourite fighter who they will bet on simply because they like his/her personality, rather than the actual facts of the matter. A smaller, lighter fighter with a smaller reach who usually wins fights by wrestling may find it hard to beat a UFC contender with a superior reach who can use his fists, elbows, knees and kicks to his advantage, never letting the fight get to the floor. This goes both ways and it’s important that you understand the fighting styles of each fighter you plan on betting on.

The bigger MMA fighter with superior reach doesn’t always win the fight. Make sure you do your homework and study the benefits of each fighting style so that you can really understand who has the advantage depending on the fight, the rules of the match and the circumstances surrounding the fighters themselves. You cannot underestimate the mental toughness required to win a UFC fight, if there’s too much pressure or a lot of outside factors influencing one of the fighters, they may be at a disadvantage. Nobody stays the best forever, that is one of the greatest things about UFC betting strategies. The underdog will sometimes get up, when they do, and you have money on them, you can make up for a lot of losses.

UFC in Australia

When UFC 193 came to Melbourne, Australia, it was much bigger than anyone predicted. It was also the infamous match that Holly Holm knocked out the former undefeated Ronda Rousey in a huge upset that shook the foundation of UFC itself. Maybe it was Australia, maybe Rousey just wasn’t as good as everyone thought, or maybe Holly was simply the better fighter on the night and there are no excuses at all. Whatever the case, UFC in Australia was written into history as the place where Rousey got knocked out convincingly by one of UFC’s most promising female fighters.

UFC is one of the most popular Mixed Martial Arts sports in the world, especially so in Australia. MMA has overtaken boxing as one of Australian punters favourite fighting sports to bet on, whether Aussies bet on UFC via traditional TAB outlets, old school dial up telephone betting, or more modern technology such as online betting with Aussie bookmakers using their websites or mobile phone or tablet apps while on the go, wherever they are.

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