How to Bet

I often get asked how to bet on horse racing and the best way to gamble on Australian sporting events in order to get the best odds.

These days, there are many ways you can place a bet on almost anything in the world. You needn’t go down to a TAB and you don’t need a computer either. Here are some of the more common ways to have a punt.

Internet Betting

Betting over the internet is often called online betting and this is the primary method that I use myself for the majority of my bets. All you need is any reasonable computer and an internet connection, preferably ADSL or better in order to have the speed necessary to get your bets on at the last minute, without worrying about the speed of the website you’re using to bet with. Another way to bet online is mobile betting.

Live/In-Play Betting

One of the most exciting ways to gamble on the outcome of sports or even horse racing in some cases is to bet while the event is taking places. Due to Australian law, you can only place live/in play bets via telephone betting, not over the internet. All of the Australian bookmakers I have reviewed here take wagers over the phone, so it’s just as easy and internet betting.

Telephone Betting

You can use any telephone to place your bets, and in some specific cases, that’s the only way you can place your bets. For example, live in-play betting is regulated in Australia and you can only bet on matches that are currently in progress over the phone, not over the internet. All of the online bookmakers that I use allow you to pick up your land line or mobile phone to speak with a live operator who will take your bets for you.

Mobile Phone Betting

Mobile phone betting is becoming increasingly popular, and while it often lacks the ease of use compared to internet betting, it means you can bet anywhere in the world where your phone or any mobile device with internet access such as an iPad or Android tablet which can connect to the internet. Many online bookmakers have either an App designed for your device or a website that is made just for betting on your mobile phone or other portable device. These websites are usually a scaled down, fast loading version of the regular website with most of the bookmakers features still available. In some cases, there are certain features that are not available when using the mobile phone website, however, many mobile phones these days are capable of viewing the regular website if you really need to use the features which aren’t available on the mobile site.